Intense Lightning over Siesta Key, FL at Sunset – 8/14/2016

An intense and spectacular lightning storm over the Gulf of Mexico and barrier islands brought out the spectators at Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota County Florida Sunday night. Many shots of CG, crawler, and inter-cloud illuminating lighting over the water, beach, and skyline. Time of events spans from just before sunset, to well into after dark.
Shot Description

There are too many shots to individually describe. All shots from Siesta Key public beach. Don't miss the amazing crawler lightning at TC 2:27.

1-9) Nine shots from on the beach near sunset time with spectacular CG strikes behind condos, into water, with many people watching the show from the beach.
10-13) Four elevated shots of CGs into the water with many people on the beach watching.
14-16) Three CGs strikes into water.
17-26) Ten clips of CG, flash, and crawler lightning as dark approaches.
27-31) Five clips of crawler lightning after dark.
32-81) Approx 50 clips of after dark lighting over water to the west, and over skyline looking north. Includes many CG, inter-cloud, and some crawler lightning.