West Frankfort, IL Lightning and Street Flooding – 8/1/2016

Overnight storms across Missouri that left behind flash flooding eventually moved into southern Illinois in the late morning hours leading to more flooding in many communities across the region. The town of West Frankfort picked up over an inch of rain in less than 30 minutes when the strong line of storms pushed across I-57 about two hours southeast of St. Louis. These storms brought intense lightning along with the rains that flooded out numerous streets in West Frankfort. This coming on the heals of one of the wettest July-months ever in the region, putting August off to a very strong start with more rain and storms expected throughout the week.
Shot Description

Scene 1: POV driving shot of an intense lightning strike upon entering West Frankfort from I-57.

Scenes 2-4: POV shot of a lightning bolt hitting a light pole two blocks away from the vehicle, includes NAT sound of thunder almost immediately after strike. First clip is real time, second is slowed down, third is a still frame of the strike.

Scenes 5-8: POV driving shots along I-57 heading into West Frankfort in very heavy rains.

Scene 9: Oncoming pickup truck driving through a flooded street and eventually turning onto another road.

Scene 10: Gold car driving through flood waters on a WF street.

Scene 11: Shot of oncoming car driving through a flooded road.

Scene 12: Wider shot of oncoming car in flood waters.

Scene 13: Cars driving through flooded intersection along Rt. 37 in town.

Scene 14: Purple car driving through flood waters away from camera as white car turns onto flooded street in foreground.

Scene 15: Blue pickup truck turns onto flooded street.

Scene 16: Red jeep driving through flooded street.

Scene 17: Blue pickup crosses flooded intersection.

Scene 18: Silver jeep crosses flooded road.

Scene 19: Shot of cars driving passed stop sign in flooded street.

Scene 20: Red car driving away from camera on flooded street.

Scene 21: Shot of cars passing a manhole cover with water coming out.

Scene 22-23: Medium and tight shots of overflowing manhole cover.

Scene 24: Wide shot of flooded intersection with passing traffic and overflowing manhole.