Bristol South Dakota Intense Damaging Winds – 7/16/2016

Video footage of Intense Damaging winds near 80MPH as the happen in Bristol South Dakota with Hail and zero Visibility as well as the Menacing storm as it slammed into the town!
Shot Description

1. Menacing Shelf Cloud approaches Bristol South Dakota Pan POV.

2. Shelf cloud close to camera and Cattle become nervous and run toward and than swiftly away from the storm.

3. Shelf Cloud over the State Highway and a Lake as Motorists Flee the storm!

4. Outside camera captures 80MPH wind gust as it happens reducing visibility to Zero and swaying a Gas station overhead canopy!

5. Intense Cloud to Ground Lightning Stike.

6. Driving in Heavy Rain and Hail POV.

7. Cars pulled over in intense Rain with flashers.

8. Approaching Storm from outside camera POV.