Perry County IL Storms and Storm Damage – 7/13/2016

A line of severe storms that formed Tuesday evening in Colorado survived its trek across the country, doing significant wind damage along its path into southern IL. As of 7pm Wednesday evening, over 300 wind reports came in to the SPC, centered over southern IL where winds over 80mph were recorded. Storms moved at over 60mph and had only a very brief period of rain before moving on.

Video package shot in multiple locations in Perry County, IL (southeast of St. Louis), with descriptions of each location and time codes in shot list below. All video is shot in Perry County.
Shot Description

PART 1 (0:00-0:36) Du Quoin, IL

Scenes 1-4: Various shots of the brief rains and wind during the storm as it moved through Du Quoin, Illinois.

PART 2 (0:37-2:24) Route 154 northeast of Du Quoin in Perry County.

A large tree came down on power lines near the intersection of Rt 154 and
Pintail Road, completely blocking the highway. A passing vehicle was
involved, crashing into the ditch on the south side of the highway. Crews
did not release any information about condition of vehicle occupants, but ambulance and fire rescue were on-scene. Traffic was stopped in both directions and was eventually detoured off the road. Unknown how long the road was closed, or when it reopened.

Scene 5: Wide shot of Rt 154 damage with Pintail Road sign in foreground.

Scene 6-7: Panning shots of power lines down to tree, car in ditch, then over to crews.

Scene 8: Static shot of tree blocking highway with emergency crews.

Scene 9: Shot of lines and tree with ambulance in background.

Scene 10: Shot looking through tree debris of car in ditch.

Scene 11: Shot of car in ditch with emergency crews.

Scene 12: Tight shot of vehicle in ditch.

Scene 13: Two cops walking past damage scene.

Scene 14: Another shot of vehicle in ditch with power lines in foreground.

Scene 15: Shot of Perry County cop car overlooking blocked highway.

Scene 16-17: Shots of traffic backup on eastbound Rt 154.

PART 3 (2:25-4:05) Pinckneyville, IL

Several reports of wind damage came from Pinckneyville, including a tree
that fell on a home and the two cars parked in the driveway off Route 154
on the east side of town. The red vehicle sustained most of the damage
while the vehicle parked in front had minor damage done to the backside.
Two blocks west of there, a large tree came down on a blue pickup truck in
the parking lot across from St. Bruno's church on North Gordon Street at
Clinton Street. No one was injured, but the truck sustained heavy damage
to the windshield, caving in the roof, and damaging the bed.

Scene 18: Shot of Pinckneyville police car on scene of the damaged truck.

Scene 19: Shot looking down the snapped tree to the damaged truck.

Scene 20-21: Shots of tree on the blue truck.

Scene 22: Shot of smashed windshield with tree limb sticking out of it.

Scene 23-24: More shots of truck with tree on it.

Scene 25: Wide shot of home with tree that came down on it and the two cars in the driveway.

Scene 26-27: Shots of red car with tree on top of it.

Scene 28: Shot of gold car with tree on the rear of the vehicle.

Scene 29: Shot of damaged awning and roof through the tree debris.


PART 3 (4:05-5:35) Du Quoin, IL

More storm damage in the city of Du Quoin, including a large tree that
came down on a van and power lines along East North Street at Washington
Street. Power was knocked out to many residents on the north side of
town. In addition to that, several other large limbs came down, including
one on a home off US-51. No injuries reported in Du Quoin.

Scene 30: Shot of Du Quoin police on scene of blocked road from tree and power lines.

Scene 31: Wide shot of tree blocking road as it rains (just as storm ended)

Scene 32: Tighter shot of tree with van partially covered by debris.

Scene 33: Other side of tree blockage with pickup truck in foreground.

Scene 34-35: Shot of tree on van in driveway.

Scene 36: Panning shot looking across tree to the front yard where two people are looking at damage.

Scene 37: Wide shot of home with several trees in yard and one on the roof.

Scene 38: Tight shot of large tree limb on the roof of the house.

Scene 39: Tree on a trampoline in a Du Quoin yard.

Scene 40: Police car with sirens going driving away from camera along US-51 in northern Du Quoin.
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