Carbondale, IL Street Flooding – 7/12/2016

A line of heavy storms developed around the lunch hour across southern Illinois dumping over an inch of rain in thirty minutes time as it trained east along the Route 13 corridor. Doppler radar estimates over 1.5-inches of rain fell with these storms in areas just outside Carbondale, leading to some minor street flooding. Elsewhere, flash flood warnings were issued for storms in Kentucky as heavy rains impacted that region as well.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-4: POV driving shots in very low visibility heavy rains along Route 13 on the west side of Carbondale in Jackson County.

Scene 5-6: Heavy rains with blowing trees.

Scene 7: Shot of traffic going through street flooding near the Highway 51 and Route 13 intersection in Carbondale.

Scene 8: Panning shot of a red car driving through street flooding.

Scene 9: Shot of traffic driving through Highway 51 street flooding.

Scene 10: Panning shot of another red car driving through street flooding.

Scene 11: White pickup truck pulling into street flooding and slowing to a stop.

Scene 12-13: More traffic driving through street flooding.

Scene 14: Carbondale police truck driving through street flooding.

Scene 15: Panning shot of a guy under an umbrella walking along side traffic as it goes through street flooding.

Scene 16: Traffic in some street flooding on a neighborhood street.

Scene 17: Water flowing down a street in town.

Scene 18: Close up of water flowing over the curb.

Scene 19: Flowing water lapping at a car bumper.

Scene 20: Shot of flood waters covering a sidewalk.

Scene 21-22: Rain water rushing out of a gutter on a building.

Scene 23: NAT sound of very loud thunder from a close lightning strike.