Metropolis, IL Severe Storms and Storm Damage B-Roll – 7/6/2016

A line of severe storms that formed in Kansas overnight moved all the way across Missouri intro southern Illinois bringing extensive wind damage to the extreme southern part of the state into western Kentucky. Winds as high as 80mph and several unconfirmed reports of tornadoes were reported with this line.

Video package shot in Metropolis where high winds and one unconfirmed tornado report caused extensive damage along 9th Street, as well as damaging a Super 8 hotel near I-24.
Shot Description

Scene 1-2: Establishing shot of 8th Street near Ophia where extensive damage occurred in the line of storms. Looking down hill at the damage on the roadway.

Scene 3: Road closed sign with down tree in background.

Scene 4: Large tree completely blocking 9th Street on east side of town.

Scene 5: Two large uprooted trees down with damage to a fence.

Scene 6: Large tree limb on roof of house.

Scene 7: Establishing shot of Super 8 motel with visible roof damage.

Scene 8: Tight shot of roof damage, completely exposing the floor below.

Scene 9: More hotel roof damage.

Scene 10: Roof damage with blown out window.

Scene 11: Tight shot of blown out window.

Scene 12: Blown out glass door in hotel pool area.

Scene 13: Panning shot of broken glass door to a chair in the pool.

Scene 14: Roof damage to a local business.

Scene 15: Crews on scene of a tree on a power line.

Scene 16: Shot of two men with down tree on lines.

Scene 17: Wide shot of trees down on a house with people walking around.

Scene 18: People removing tree parts from home.

Scene 19: Wide shot of numerous people removing tree debris from home.

Scene 20: Man walking with tree limb and throwing into a truck.

Scene 21-24: POV driving shots in blinding rains of the storm.