West Frankfort, IL Flash Flooding – 7/3/2016

Severe weather impacted many areas across the central part of the country with tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, and flooding. Tornado Watches were issued for parts of southern Illinois as several rounds of storms moved through, some prompting tornado warnings, but mostly dumping inches of rain as they moved by leading to flooding in many areas.

After an early round of storms moved out of Illinois into Kentucky and Indiana, a second wave moved into the region from Missouri dumping upwards of 2 inches of rain in less than 30 minutes leading to significant street flooding in the area, including in West Frankfort, Illinois which is roughly two hours southeast of St. Louis, or just north of Marion on I-57.
Shot Description

Scene 1: POV driving shot down Main Street in West Frankfort with street flooding commencing.

Scene 2: Wide shot of a flooded neighborhood street with water going up to several homes while a man stands in the water.

Scene 3: Shot of two homes with water up to the porches.

Scene 4: A white pickup truck drives through deep waters.

Scene 5-6: Shots of man in orange shirt in the flood waters.

Scene 7: Shot of oncoming pickup truck driving through road turned river.

Scene 8: SUV driving through flood waters.

Scene 9: Traffic in the flood waters on Main Street.

Scene 10: Panning shot of black Mustang driving through flood waters.

Scene 11: Traffic on Main Street in flood waters.

Scene 12: Oncoming pickup truck driving through flood waters.

Scene 13-14: Oncoming black pickup trucks driving through flood waters.

Scene 15: Car driving through flood waters.

Scene 16: Shot of Division and 4th Street intersection flooded out.

Scene 17-18: Shot of overflowing sewer with water pouring out into street.

Scene 19: Shot of a flooded intersection with stop sign in foreground and guy taking pictures in the background on the other side of flooded road.

Scene 20-21: Shots of flooded streets in West Frankfort.

Scene 22-23: Shots before storm as it moved in of clouds making it very dark in the daytime.

Scene 24-25: Shots of high winds and rain blowing through trees.

Scene 26: Shots of heavy rains falling on pavement.

Scene 27-28: Shots of traffic at a gas station as heavy rains fall when it is very dark outside.

Scene 29: Shots of traffic driving through the heavy rains.