Sarasota, FL Rare Hail Storm and Heavy Rain – 6/26/2016

Slow moving thunderstorms popped up in Southwest Florida Sunday afternoon going severe warned with intense lightning, rare pea sized hail, and torrential rains. Any hail is rare in coastal Florida in summer.
Shot Description

1,2) Thunderstorms clouds brew in Sarasota County Florida.
3) GC lightning coming down over shopping center in Sarasota.
4) Dash POV CG lightning with some blue sky behind.
5,6,7,8,9) Pea sized hail hitting ground, close-up, bouncing off parked car, in mulch.
10) Very intense blinding torrential rain on Fruitville Rd in Sarasota County.
11,12) Vehicles plowing through flooded Fruitville Rd in heavy rain.
13) Truck towing boat blasting through flooded Fruitville road.
14,15) More POV blinding rain driving conditions on surface streets.