Southern, MN Hurricane Force Winds, Flooding & Damage. – 6/17/2016

Hurricane Force winds combined with heavy rain created havoc on several southern Minnesota Communities from Sleepy Eye, MN to Courtland, MN
Shot Description

Clip 1 Vivid lightning crawling across the sky north of Sleepy Eye, MN.

Clip 2 Air Raid Siren blasting in Courtland, MN.

Clip 3 Large tree limb down on the road in Courtland, MN.

Clip 5-6 after dark, road washed out due to flooding along the Minnesota River in Courtland, MN.

*** The flowing clips are from Sleepy Eye, MN ***

Clip 7-9 Blinding rains caused white out conditions in Sleepy Eye, MN while driving (POV Shots)

Clip 10 Flag blowing in the wind in Sleepy Eye, MN.

Clip 11 POV driving shot on highway 4 in Sleepy Eye, MN as the road becomes more like a lake in the underpass with several feet of water covering the roadway driving southbound. I barely made it through the flooding.

Clip 12-13 Police blocking the highway 4 north to prevent drivers from going into the flooding.

Clip 14 Underpass in the heavy rain with flooding and a police squad blocking the southbound lane.

Clip 15 Large part of tree down across highway 14.

Clip 16 – 19 Near Hurricane force winds ease of Sleepy Eye slamming highway 14.

*** The following clips are from New Ulm, MN ***

Clip 20 Tree down on highway 14 west of New Ulm, MN

Clip 21 POV Driving in whiteout conditions as the storm moved east.

Clip 22 Someones trampoline landed on someones car on Highway 14 on the west side of New Ulm, MN.

Clip 23 – 26 Street Flooding in downtown New Ulm, MN at highway 14 and Highway 15 intersection.