Wheatland, WY Tornado Warned Hail storm – 6/12/2016

Severe storms erupted across southeast Wyoming on Sunday leading to numerous reports of large hail and flash flooding. A large storm moved into the Wheatland area with reports of up to tennis-ball sized hail and several funnel clouds that eventually prompted the Weather Service in Cheyenne to issue a tornado warning for the Wheatland vicinity. No touchdowns were reported as the storm missed the heart of town a few miles to the west.

Other storms in Wyoming knocked down trees and caused flash flooding in/near Torrington to the east of Wheatland. Goshen County EM reported tree down on city park restroom with individuals trapped inside. Extent of injuries unknown.

Cheyenne also took on several rounds of storms with the first round producing large hail on the south side of the city and a second round dumping heavy rains and prompting flash flood warnings.

These storms could be a preview of what is to come on Monday as an enhanced risk of severe weather is forecast for parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas on Monday.

Shot List:
Scenes 1-2: Structure shots of the supercell as it moved towards Wheatland.

Scene 3: POV driving shot down a dirt road as hail starts to fall.

Scene 4: Shot as storm starts to intensify showing tennis-ball sized hail on the ground with other stones bouncing off the ground.

Scene 5-6: Shots of large hail falling in the grass west of Wheatland.

Scene 7-9: Various shots of large hail falling on the highway west of Wheatland.

Scene 10: Shot looking out the windshield as hail hits the window.

Scene 11: Shot of hail covering road as storm comes to an end.

Scene 12: Shot of small hail drift on the side of the road.

Scene 13: Shot of several golfball-sized hailstones (melted down since falling) in hand.

Scene 14: Shot of several hailstones next to ruler measuring nearly 2-inches compared to a golfball.

Scene 15: Tight shot of hailstone and golfball.

Scene 16-17: Shots of hail drifts on the ground.

Scene 18-20: Shots of six-inch deep water flowing over a road west of Wheatland.