Herman, MN Funnel Cloud & Possible Tornado and Storm B-roll – 6/12/2016

B-roll footage of the storms in Western, MN including a brief funnel cloud and possible tornado as the funnel was halfway to the ground. Additional shots of the storms from western, MN. See Shot Description for location information.

Shot List:
Clip 1 Funnel Cloud and possible Tornado in Grant County, MN as the funnel was over half way to the ground. The funnel only lasted for about a minute and was embedded in the rain to the southwest of the town of Herman, MN.

Clip 2-3 Rising motion in Grant County, MN

Clip 4 Storm structure in Renville County, MN

Clip 5 Rotation in Renville County, MN looking straight up.

Clip 6 Leading edge of the storm in Renville County, MN

Clip 7-8 Lightning Grant County, MN

Clip 9 Dust and debris being kicked up in the outflow boundary in Renville County, MN.

Clip 10 – 13 Lightning in Renville County, MN.

Clip 14 – 15 POV Driving in heavy rain near Alexandria, MN.

Clip 16 Timelapse near Westport, MN