Big Damaging Hail Storm in Miles City, MT – 6/11/2016

A severe thunderstorm producing large damaging hail just missed the town of Miles City in southeast Montana. Hail measured up 2.25" smashed out windshields and damaged vehicles. The storm crossed I-94 just north of town. Video primarily shot along US-12 just east of town. Hail was reported several miles outside of town to the east and to the north.
Shot Description

Scene 1-2: Shots of storm structure as it approaches Miles City.

Scene 3-4: As storm approaches, winds gusting up over 60mph blow up dust long a road.

Scene 5: High winds blowing rain across the road as car drives by.

Scene 6-7: POV driving shots of heavy rains along US-12 east of Miles City.

Scene 7: Wide shot as car drives by with large hailstones bouncing in the grass in the foreground.

Scene 8: Shot of large hail bouncing in the grass.

Scene 9: Shot out windshield as hail comes down.

Scene 10: Shot of cracked windshield during storm.

Scene 11: Hail hitting in field.

Scene 12: Large hail falling on the road.

Scene 13: Hail on grass.

Scene 14: Hail falling as car passes.

Scene 15: Car sitting riding out hail.

Scene 16-19: Various shots of vehicles pulled off to the side of the road along I-94 north of Miles City.

Scene 20: Shot holding hailstone with cracked windshield.

Scene 21: Shot of large hail collected in hand.

Scene 22: Shot of hailstone measured up to 2.25" on ruler.