Tropical Storm Colin, Flooding Rains, Sarasota, FL – 6/5/2016

TD #3 has become Tropical Storm Colin. Effects of Colin reached Southwest Florida later afternoon and ramped up significantly after sunset. The video begins with the most recent shots just after sunset as a very heavy squall came ashore Siesta Key Florida bring extremely heavy wind driven rain that quickly flooded roads causing dangerous driving conditions on island roads. At timecode 2:26 and after clips showing conditions prior to sunset as the effects of the growing storm reached the beach, and people were interacting with the windy conditions and high surf late Sunday afternoon.

Shot List:
Tropical Storm Colin affects southwest Florida Sunday evening with intense squalls pounding Siesta Key with wind and rain.

Shot List:
1,2) Squall band nearing Siesta Key Beach just after sunset.
3 – 12) Ten varied shots of heavy wind driven rain from a tropical squall pounding a lighted Siesta Key Beach public area.
14 – 20) Seven shots of vehicles plowing through flooded Beach Rd on Siesta Key at night as heavy rain continues to fall.
21) Traffic in Siesta village and lightning.
— Begin Day light shots —
22) Big dark squall line approaching beach.
23) Wind blows palm tops with beach in background.
24) Boys trying to roll up a tarp in high wind on beach.
25) Beach canopy destroyed by wind.
26) Flags blowing in wind.
27) Swim buoy in high surf.
28) Kids playing with towel in wind like a parachute.
29) People walk through frame w/ high surf in bkground.
30) Young women in high surf.