Victoria, TX Severe Storms – B-Roll – 5/27/2016

Footage of lightning, high winds, and amazing arcus cloud from huge severe storm on tail end of large squall line over Victoria, TX.

All footage shot by Juston Drake and Simon Brewer during afternoon daylight in/near Victoria, TX on May 27, 2016.

Shot List:

1-5. Various dramatic shots of the cloud \"The Whale\'s Mouth\" called an \"arcus cloud\" by meteorologists over Victoria, TX

7-9. Shots of high severe winds blowing dusts and flag near Victoria, TX

10-15. Various shots of lightning strikes in/near Victoria, TX

16-20. SLOW MOTION SHOTS of lightning in/near Victoria, TX

21-27. POV driving shots of high severe winds, with cars pulled over on highway in Victoria, TX

28 & 29. pushed-in shots of traffic in heavy rain from huge severe thunderstorm on tail end of squall like in Victoria, TX

30. POV driving shot of dramatic sun set under severe storm in Victoria, TX

32 & 33. POV driving shtos of rainbow behind severe storms on tail end of line in Victoria, TX