Russell, KS Severe storms already starting today – 5/26/2016

New footage of the severe storms already firing up today across the heartland as the area is covered in Tornado Watches from Iowa to Texas and to Colorado.

A severe storm moved across I-70 in the town of Russell, Kansas where a 63mph wind gust was recorded at town\'s ASOS.

Scenes 1-3: Cars taking shelter under the overpass of I-70 at Russell.

Scene 4-5: POV driving shots in blinding rains and winds on US-281 approaching Russell.

Scene 6: Traffic descending the off-ramp into Russell in the rain.

Scene 7: Traffic in Russell in the rain.

Scene 8: High winds blowing a tree around.

Scene 9: High winds blowing rain over parked cars.

Scene 10: Wide shot of tree blowing in the wind.

Scene 11: Gas station awning swaying a bit in the winds with blowing flag.

Scene 12: Looking up at blowing flag.

Scene 13: Shot of traffic light bouncing in wind, panning down to semi truck driving through wind and rain.

Scene 14-17: Various shots of storm clouds from the storm as it approached Russell from the south.