Renville County MN Hail Storm B-Roll 5/24/2016

A slow moving severe thunderstorm pounded Renville County, MN this evening with golf ball size hail and heavy rain. At one point as the hail melted, it turned the area into a strange foggy dream-scape.

Clip 1 POV Driving shot into the hail storm with a rainbow.

Clip 2 Pull back shot of the hail falling on the ground to the street sign.

Clip 3 POV Driving in the hail with a rain bow

Clip 4 Hail falling into Boon Lake.

Clip 5 – 13 Various clips of golfball sized to quarter size hail falling in eastern Renville County, MN

Clip 14 Hail with a ruler and quarters.

Clip 15 Holding hail with my hand.

Clip 16 Driving over hail covered roads that look more like snow.

Clip 17 Pan shot of a hail covered field as it turns to fog.

Clip 18 Dense fog as the hail begins to melt in the warm evening sun.