Multiple Tornadoes At Once Near Dodge City – 5/24/2016

The tornado outbreak of the year occurred on Tuesday with tornadoes all over Kansas, including a cyclic supercell that spawned countless tornadoes near Dodge City.

Scene 1: Shot of multiple tornado touchdowns on the southwest side of Dodge City, Kansas.

Scene 2-4: Shots from the east side of Dodge City looking over the town of the massive tornado as it churns west of the city, complete with tornado sirens raging.

Scene 5: More shots of the multiple vortex tornado west of Dodge City.

Scene 6: Shots of a needle tornado, then zoom out to show two tornadoes ongoing at the same time, then panning back in on the needle tornado.

Scene 7: Quick clip of two more tornadoes ongoing.

Scene 8: Shot of stout tornado in the distance south of Dodge City.

Scene 9: High contrast shot of first tornado south of Dodge City.

Scene 10: High contrast shot of stout tornado south of Dodge City.

Scene 11: Long duration shot as high contrast tornado ropes out south of Dodge City.

Scene 12: Over a minute of 20x timelapse of first tornado that was on the ground for nearly 30 minutes. Shot from vehicle dash camera.