Multiple large tornadoes in Ochiltree County, TX – 5/22/2016

Amazing tornado video, showing multiple large cones forming around main circulation as tornado spins south of Perryton, TX in Ochiltree County. Tornado would damage power ploes as seen in first clip with power flashes off to the right of the tornado as it gets larger.

Various shots of multivortex tornado in its mature stage.

Scene 1: Tornado power flashing as it moves right to left.

Scene 2: Long shot of large tornado ongoing.

Scene 3-4: Amazing shots of multiple cones forming around parent circulation and kicking up dirt as they plow into the ground.

Scene 5: More cone action of tornado.

Scene 6: Brief clip of earlier tornado southeast of Spearman, TX

Scene 7: Brief narrow tornado (third) moves quickly down the road.

Scene 8-13: Various shots of hail near Spearman earlier in the storm.