Spearman TX Damaging Winds & Hail – 5/16/2016

Footage of large powerline pole snapped, large tree limb in road, window busted-out by wind-driven large hail, and severe high winds with hail in Spearman, Texas.

All footage shot by Juston Drake and Simon Brewer in/near Spearman, TX during evening daylight on May 16, 2016.

Shot List:

1-6. Various shots of large powerlines down, snapped by severe winds in Spearman, TX

7 & 8. shots of large tree branch in road snapped by severe high winds in Spearman, TX

9 & 10. shots of broken window shattered by wind-driven large hail in Spearman, TX

11-16. Various shots of severe high winds shaking gas station with large hail falling and shaking sign in Spearman, TX

17. Pushed-in shot of hands full of hail in Spearman TX (Meteorologist Juston Drake holding hail)

18. POV driving shot of hail-covered flooded Main St. in Spearman, TX

19. Shot of hail splashing in flooded roadway with hail floating in flood water on Main Street in Spearman, TX

20. POV driving shot of low clouds racing over Spearman as severe winds are about to slam town causing damage

21. POV driving shot of "whale's mouth", also called an "arcus cloud" near Spearman TX before the town was damaged by severe high winds and large hail

22. SLOW MOTION shot of lightning south of Spearman, TX

23 & 24. POV shots of supercell structure southwest of Spearman, TX