Severe Storms Tear Through Carlyle, IL – 5/11/2016

A major outbreak of severe weather hammered parts of Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois with tornadoes, large hail, and winds.  Damage was reported across the region as several rounds of storms plowed through.

Video from severe storms that moved out of St Louis are and did significant damage north of I-64 in southern Illinois.  NWS measured a 76mph wind gust as the storm pushed through.  Video taken in Carlyle, Illinois about 50 miles east of St. Louis.

Scenes 1-2: Shots of wall cloud of storm south of Carlyle.

Scene 3-4: POV driving shots moving into Carlyle as winds kick up and litter road with leaves and small braches.

Scene 5-7: Shots of traffic lights in town swaying in wind, including one with cover swinging in the wind.

Scene 8-9: Shots of snapped telephone pole due to tree that was downed, knocking out power to part of the west side.

Scene 10: Man dragging a tree branch out of the road.

Scene 11-14: Three very large trees that were snapped and laying in a Carlyle road, blocking traffic.  Various shots panning across damage, including from tree where it was snapped halfway up.

Scene 15-18: Shots of an uprooted tree laying on a Carlyle house.

Scene 19-22: Shots of another tree on another yellow house, one shot including minor roof damage.

Scene 23-24: Panning shot of large tree on back awning of a home.

Scene 25: Panning shot of tree laying in a backyard.

Scene 26: Cop sitting at a blocked road while crews clear trees.

Scene 27: Crews dumping tree debris into a truck.

Scene 28: Man with chainsaw cutting tree debris.

Scene 29: Chainsaw man startled when thunder cracks overhead.

Scene 30: Chainsaw man from through tree.

Scene 31-33: Crews clearing tree debris from neighborhood street.