Belleville, KS Ping Pong Hailer – 5/9/2016

An outbreak of severe weather responsible for deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma unleashed a slew of severe weather across Kansas and Nebraska, with storms developing so rapidly they caught people off-guard as large hail took many by surprise. Video package includes footage from late afternoon storms of Belleville, Kansas north of Concordia as well as early afternoon storms southwest of Salina.


This storm formed from a cumulus cloud to a hail producing storm within 10 minutes. It was warned after the storm had already move through town, dropping Ping-Pong ball sized hail. While the damage was limited to shredded trees and other vegetation, it caught most people off-guard sending them for cover under buildings and trees.

Scene 1-2: Wide shots of storm south of Belleville from other convection before the hailer.

Scene 3: Ominous clouds from POV driving shot.

Scene 4: Blowing dust on the side of US-81 as the storm starts getting going south of town.

Scene 5-6: POV driving shots as I approach south side of town as hail starts to fall on US-81.

Scene 7: Red pickup truck hiding under a tree as leaves fall down in the hail as it falls and bounces in the grass.

Scene 8-9: Wide and tight shots of red pickup under the tree.

Scene 10: Hail falling on grey pickup truck.

Scene 11: Car parked under a tree as ping-pong ball hail falls with leaves on street.

Scene 12: Shot looking up at trees as leaves rain down.

Scene 13: Shot of pickup truck parked in downtown Belleville as hailstorm moves into the central part of town.

Scene 14: Pickup truck driving through hail.

Scene 15-17: Hail falling on street and grass in town.

Scene 18: Many hailstones in hand.

Scene 19: Spikey hailstone and a smooth hailstone in hand.

Scene 20: On-camera SOT of me talking about how fast the hailstorm blew up.

PART 2 LYONS, KANSAS (2:57-4:17)

Scene 21: POV driving shot outside of Lyons as storm overtakes road north of Lyons.

Scene 22-23: Shots of hail and rain falling on KS-4 north of Lyons.

Scene 24-25: Sideways hail falling on KS-4.

Scene 26-27: Hail falling near grass.

Scene 28: Shot of truck pulled off during the storm.