Marlow, OK Tornado And Severe Storm B-Roll – 5/8/2016

Cone tornado transforms into curvy rope near Marlow, OK. Also footage of large hail falling, high winds, menacing rotating wall cloud, flooded roads, zero visibility on roads, and a rainbow.

All footage shot by Juston Drake and Simon Brewer near Marlow, OK during evening daylight on May 8, 2016.

Shot List:

1-6. various shots of cone tornado transforming into a rope southwest of Marlow, OK

7. POV driving shot of chasers avoiding approaching rope tornado southwest of Marlow, OK

8. Wide shot of large rotating wall cloud near Marlow, OK before producing tornado

9. shot of large bowl-shaped funnel cloud before becoming a tornado near Marlow, OK

10. pushed-in shot of high winds blowing heavy rain on house and bending trees near Marlow, OK

11. POV driving shot of temporary zero visibility from high winds blowing heavy rain and hail near Marlow, OK

12. POV driving shot of low visibility with very high winds blowing rain and hail north of rotating wall cloud before tornado develops near Marlow, OK

13. POV driving shot of truck driving through deep water on flooded highway 7 west of Marlow, OK

14. POV shot of cars parked under overpass partially blocking Highway 7 trying to hide from tornado and hail west of Marlow, OK

15. pushed-in shot of heavy rain hitting pavement from tornadic supercell thunderstorm

16. wide POV driving shot of rainbow behind tornadic supercell thunderstorm