Extreme Tornadoes from Wray, CO along with damage and timelapse – 5/7/ 2016

Several tornadoes touched down across northeast Colorado on Saturday, including a damaging tornado near and north of the town of Wray. Several tornadoes touched down in Yuma County as northward moving storms interacted with a warm front and unleased several twisters.

PART 1 (3 miles south of Wray, CO) Tornado #1

Scene 1: Large dusty tornado develops within a half-mile of photographer on CR-32 south of Wray. Video shows dusty bowl spinning behind a farmstead and crossing the dirt road.

Scene 2: Shot of dusty tornado behind farmstead, panning up to nubby funnel overhead, then narration of ongoing tornado.
PART 2 (north of Wray, CO) Tornado #2

Scene 3: Shot of large dusty tube tornado rotating in the countryside north of Wray.

Scene 4: Driving shot of dusty tornado.

Scene 5: Long funnel with dust whirl on the ground, this was early in the second tornado\'s lifecycle.

Scene 6: Driving shot of tornado as it was fully condensed.

Scene 7: Tornado just before rope out northeast of Wray.

Scene 8: Tornado roping out.

Scene 9: Large funnel and ground dust of tornado northeast of Wray.

PART 3 (north of Wray, CO) Aftermath, Closure of US-385

Scene 10: Panning shot of damage area in the distance up to tornado as cop drives by.

Scene 11: Cop passing stopping traffic on US-385 north of Wray.

Scene 12: Cop drives toward damage scene with ongoing tornado on the right.

Scene 13: Fully zoomed shot of damage area in the distance (closure prevent photographer from getting any closer).

Scene 14: Ambulance leaving the damage scene, passing road block.

Scene 15: Shot of Wray Fire truck.

Scene 16: Cop and two local residents talking in the street.

PART 4 (south of Wray, CO) 30-second timelapse of developing supercell that would produce the two Wray tornadoes.