Clayton, IN Tornado Warned Storm With Large Hail and Damage – 5/1/2016

A localized severe weather outbreak spawned by several supercells across central Indiana lead to a couple of reported tornadoes, very large hail, and wind damage. This was the second round of storms on Sunday that formed late in the afternoon in Illinois and marched across Indiana.

Video package covers the storm that moved along US Highway 40 and eventually prompted a city-wide tornado warning for Indianapolis and lead to the airport shutting down operations briefly as the storm passed. No tornadoes were reported in Indianapolis itself, but two were reported north of the city.

Scene 1-3: POV driving shots approaching the tornado-warned storm near Clayton on US-40. A large wall cloud hangs ominously over the highway on approach.

Scene 4-6: Shots of wall cloud as it moves toward Clayton along US-40.

Scene 7: POV driving shot along a road near Clayton as large hail up to 2-inches starts to fall. Car passes in shot.

Scene 8-10: POV shots looking out front windshield as large hail hammers vehicle, excellent NATs of hailstones plunking car.

Scene 11-12: Shotsof vehicles driving in hailstorm.

Scene 13: Hail hitting the road south of Clayton.

Scene 14-15: Vehicles driving on hail-covered road on south side of Clatyon after storm.

Scene 16: Hail covering a yard in Clayton.

Scene 17: Hail and leaf covered road in Clayon with massive hail fog in distance.

Scene 18: Zoomed shot looking down hail covered street through hail fog.

Scene 19: Car in driveway covered in leaves after hailstorm ripped apart trees.

Scene 20: Hail drift on roof of house with hail covering yard.

Scene 21-23: Various shots of hailstones after the storm, measured to 1.5-inch nearly 20 minutes after storm\'s passage. Very odd shaped on a few of them.

Scene 24: Wide shot of storm damage scene on US-40 south of Clayton where a picmup truck was blown off the road, a large tree was snapped and blocking the westbound lanes, and powerlines were down blocking both directions.

Scene 25: Cop blocking westbound US-40 with tree in the road.

Scene 26: Shot of leaning power pole with lines down in the road.

Scene 27: Shot of large tree down with powerlines sticking out of it.

Scene 28: Shot of tree in road.