Emden, MO Aftermath of Tornado Damages Church – 4/27/2016

The day after a busted forecasted tornado outbreak, numerous tornadoes were reported across multiple states on Wednesday evening as an outbreak of severe weather impacted parts of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky. Numerous storms moved across central and eastern Missouri leading to several reported tornadoes, including one that hit the town of Emden, Missouri which is approximately 25 miles west of Hannibal. The tornado blew out the windows of a church in town and knocked down several trees as well as blowing apart a shed. There were no injuries reported.

Scene 1-2: Shots of lowering associated with the tornadic portion of the storm, one in real time and one slowed down at 25%.

Scene 3-5: Shots of storm as it passed over with some hail coming down.

Scene 6: Wide shot of damaged area on the east side of town which includes a bent over tornado shelter sign in front of a down tree.

Scene 7: Wide shot looking at the church.

Scene 8-13: Various shots of blown out windows on the west side of the church. The windows on the east side were also blown out.

Scene 14: Church member locking the front door.

Scene 15: State police officer walking in front of destroyed shed.

Scene 16: Shot of roofing in foreground with destroyed shed in background.

Scene 17-19: Various shots of destroyed shed.

Scene 20: Truck driving by down tree near roadway.

Scene 21: Part of a gutter on the grass.

Scene 22: Fire truck with lights driving through town.

Scene 23: Approaching firetruck with occasional lightning flash.

Scene 24-25: Shots of lightning illuminating the sky.