Lelia Lake, TX Heavy Hail & Severe Storm – 4/16/2016

Severe storms continued across Texas for the second day in a row as the state was hit with pounding hail and strong winds again. One storm among many hit drivers along US-287 between Claredon and Hedley in the village of Lelia Lake where 1.25-inch hail came down heavy leaving drifts several inches deep and slowing traffic to a near crawl as water and hail covered the highway.

Lelia Lake is between Claredon and Hedley in Donner County, approximately 60 miles southeast of Amarillo on US-287.

Scenes 1-3: Storm structure shots as storm approaches 287.

Scene 4: POV driving shot of blinding rains and hail over taking the highway as two vehicles pull over.

Scene 5: Shot of traffic on 287 in heavy rain and hail.

Scene 6: Shot if falling hail with hail covering the ground and a car under an awning.

Scene 7: Tight shot of car under awning.

Scene 8: Hail falling in grass with tractor in background.

Scene 9: Car drives at camera seeking shelter from ongoing storm with hail covering ground.

Scenes 10-11: Tight shots of vehicles riding out the storm.

Scene 12: Tight shot of pickup truck being hit with heavy falling hail.

Scenes 13-15: Various shots of heavy falling hail on the ground.

Scene 16: Shot of hail drift next to building.

Scene 17: Post-storm POV of crawling traffic on US-287.

Scene 18: POV shot on US-287 of slow traffic with hail partially covering the road.

Scenes 19-20: Slow traffic on hail-covered US-287.

Scene 21: Shot of cars driving through water on road with hail drift in foreground.

Scene 22: Tight shot of hail drift.

Scene 23: Large puddle of hail in a yard.

Scene 24: POV driving shot along US-287 with hail covering parts of the highway.