Vernon,TX Severe Storm and Flash Flooding – 4/10/2016

Severe storms erupted across northwest Texas leaving hail and street flooding in their wake. This was the first storm of the day as a localized outbreak was expected to develop Sunday evening across Texas and Oklahoma. This cluster of storms formed southwest of Vernon and moved over town dropping nearly 2 inches of rain and 1-inch hail leading to street flooding in town. Vehicles took shelter from the storm under highway overpasses as well as various other structures in town until the storm passed.

Video package shot in Vernon, Texas which is 50 miles west/northwest of Wichita Falls, TX on US-287.

Scenes 1-4: POV driving shots along US-70 heading into Vernon as blinding rain and hail come down.

Scene 5-6: Shots of numerous vehicles under the overpass of US-70 and US-287 in Vernon, completely blocking one side of the road.

Scene 7: High winds blowing a Texas windmill around in a front yard.

Scene 8: Hail bouncing in the grass in front of cacti.

Scene 9: Shot of 1-inch hailstones bouncing feverishly in a front yard.

Scene 10-14: Various shots of heavy hail falling on streets and yards.

Scene 15: Panning shot of a truck with a trailer driving through flood waters on the business route in Vernon.

Scene 16-17: White pickup truck driving through foot-deep flood waters on a neighborhood street in Vernon.

Scene 18: Red car approaching camera in flood waters on a neighborhood street in Vernon.

Scene 19-23: Various shots of vehicles driving through flood waters in Vernon.