Bowie, TX Massive Three Inch Hail Storm – 4/11/2016

A tornado-warned storm hammered Bowie, TX destroying vehicles at a gas station off US-287. Hail measured at 3-inches came down like rockets while people huddled under the gas station. Wind-driven hail blew out windows in nearly a dozen different vehicles at this location.

Scene 1: Baseball and bigger hail rockets into the ground splashing water in the parking lot.

Scene 2: Panning shot of parking lot to a vehicle as the windows are being smashed out.

Scene 3: Wide shot of hail falling showing the moment the windows in the blue SUV get blasted out.

Scene 4: Shots of two vehicles with busted windows during the storm.

Scene 5: Shot of hail falling on the ground

Scene 6-7: Shot of gold vehicle covered in leaves with back windshield completely smashed out.

Scene 8: Shot of blue car as hail comes down, windshield smashed.

Scene 9: Shot of another SUV with busted windows.

Scene 10-11: Shot after storm of scene 9 SUV back windshield and front windshield.

Scene 12: White car with smashed front glass.

Scene 13-14: Woman taping trash bag to her back windshield that was smashed out in hail.

Scene 15-16: Shots of hailstones in hand and measured against baseballs.

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