Chilly in the Twin Cities – 4/2/2016

Video Footage of the Bitter Cold temps and Strong & Gusty Northwest winds that blasted the Twin Cities metro area following a sharp cold frontal passage shortly after sunrise this first Saturday morning of April! April is coming in like a lion as Winter fights to hang on in the upper Midwest region this weekend.

Video Includes:

1. Large waves and swells smashing into the break wall on Lake Calhoun near downtown Minneapolis.

2. Locals struggle to stay afoot in the the strong 50MPH wind gusts.

3. People walk past with face masks and gloves and hoods.

4. Street signs in Minneapolis rattle and twist and bend in the strong winds.

5. Trees twist and bend over in the high wind gusts!

6. Airport POV with planes and twisting rocking stop sign in foreground.

7. Planes land in takeoff in the strong crosswinds at MSP airport.

8. US and State flags whip as they fly in the cold wind gust bursts.

9. Date time and Temperature of below freezing from Minneapolis.