Bloomfield, IN Severe Storms Footage – 3/27/2016

Severe weather hammered parts of the Midwest on Easter Sunday bringing a rare outbreak of hail across the region, along with damaging winds and a few reported funnel clouds. The Storm Prediction Center issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the region mid-afternoon as storms fired in southern Illinois and western Kentucky and moved northeast, mostly across Indiana, leaving dozens of hail reports in their wake.

Video package shot along I-69 near the town of Bloomfield, Indiana and in the town of Bloomfield on US-231. Bloomfield is approximately 65 miles southwest of Indianapolis.

Scene 1-4: Shots of the shelf cloud along the leading edge of a severe thunderstorm west of Bloomfield along I-69.

Scene 5: POV driving shot approaching Bloomfield of shelf cloud over the interstate.

Scene 6-7: POV driving shots as leading edge of wind and rain hits US-231 near Bloomfield.

Scene 8: Two cars driving down road as 1-inch hail is falling, NAT sound of hail on car.

Scene 9: Shot of hail hitting street.

Scene 10-12: Shots of hail hitting and covering the grass, measured up to 1-inch in the severe-warned storm.

Scene 13-14: Hail and rain falling along US-231 on the south side of Bloomfield as cars drive by.

Scene 15: Shot of hail falling in a puddle.

Scene 16-17: Traffic driving through street ponding in town with a large whirlpool visible in the road where water is pouring into storm drain.

Scene 18-20: Various shots of whirlpool of water feeding storm drain.

Scene 21: Remnants of a down tree in front of the Bloomfield Courthouse.