Duluth, MN Snow Slick Roads, Crashes and Snow – 3/16/2016

A winter storm warning is in effect for parts of northeaster Minnesota. Footage shot in Duluth, MN where the snow rapidly changes over to freezing rain as you get near Lake Superior.

Video includes a POV Dash Camera crash, snow and large waves smashing into Canal Park.

Clip 1 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck looses control and smashes into the center divider on Interstate 35. Driver and Passenger were not hurt but declined to comment on camera.

Clip 2 Car in the ditch on Interstate 35.

Clip 3 POV Driving in snow.

Clip 4 POV Snow Plow.

Clip 5 Pullback and pan shot of snow plow.

Clip 6 Huge waves at Canal Park. Man standing in the foreground showing size off the waves.

Clip 7 Waves smashing into the rocks.

Clip 8-9 Lift Bridge.

Clip 10 People walking in the rain and wind.

Clip 11 Large waves smashing into the rocks

Clip 12 DOT shutting down parts of Interstate 35 as lake water was being pushed back into the storm sewer.

Clip 13 Interstate 35 Tunnel closed due to flooding.

Clip 14 POV Snow plow shot up near the airport where the elevation and temps were cold enough for snow.