Northwest Wisconsin Winter Storm Warning – 3/16/2016

Winter makes a come back. Winter storm is slamming parts of Northwestern and Northern WI this morning and afternoon. This video package was taken in Douglas, Sawyer, and Washburn Counties of WI.

Clip 1. Dash cam. Heading North on Highway 53 in Washburn County. Just North of Trego WI. With snow falling.
Clip 2. Snow Cover sign at a rest area in Douglas County. South of Solon Springs.
Clip 3. Close shot of snow covered sign.
Clip 4. Snow covered lot by Solon Springs. With snow/sleet/rain falling.
Clip 5. A closer shot of the trees along the edge of the parking lot with snow/sleet/rain falling.
Clip 6. Snow covered roof at another rest area in Sawyer County.
Clip 7. Snow covered road with traffic on Highway 53 up by Lampson in Washburn County.
Clip 8. Snow covered train car along highway 53 by Spooner in Washburn County. With heavy snow falling.
Clip 9. Closer look at the snow covered train cars with heavy snow falling.
Clip 10. Snow falling with a car and a snow plow driving through the shot.
Clip 11. A different set of train cars with heavy snow falling.
Clip 12. Flag blowing the wind in Shell Lake WI.
Clip 13. A closer look at the flag blowing in the wind.
Clip 14. Snow covered stop sign.
Clip 15. Snow/slush cover road.