Macomb IL Tornado, Storm Damage & Lightning – 3/15/2016

AN outbreak of severe weather across central and northern Illinois lead to numerous reports of tornadoes and hail. Many storms formed across northeast Missouri and southeast Iowa and moved across Illinois.

Video package shot near Carthage, IL, which is 30 miles north of Quincy, IL.

Scene 1: Driving shot of approaching supercell.

Scene 2: POV driving shot of a developing tornado and wall cloud near Carthage.

Scene 3-7: POV driving shots as 2-inch hail slams into the car, loud thuds and booms heard as hail hammers vehicle, nearly breaking the windshield.

Scene 8-11: Various shots of hail up to 2.25\" in diameter hitting the area outside of Carthage.

Scene 12: Shot of SUV after hail had passed.

Scene 13-15: Various shots of 2-inch stones in hands, compared to golfball.

Scene 16: Hail on the ground.

Scene 17: Driving through hail fog after the storm.

Scene 18: Shot of updraft tower of hailer.