Hazen and Fargo ArkansasTornadic Storms. – 3/13-2016

An outbreak of severe weather crossed the entire state of Arkansas on Sunday leading to several reported tornadoes, large hail, flash flooding, and high winds. Many supercells formed early afternoon and pushed northeast across the state, eventually crossing the Mississippi River after dark.

Video package a two parter, first part daytime evening footage from in and around Hazen, Arkansas. The second part after dark of a tornadic storm near Fargo, Arkansas.

PART 1 in HAZEN, ARKANSAS (0:00-1:51): Hazen is 40 miles east of Little Rock on I-40.

Scene 1: POV driving shot of a funnel cloud behind trees, eventually clearing trees and seeing funnel.

Scene 2: POV driving shot of funnel as it dissipates.

Scene 3: POV driving shot of storm.

Scene 4-5: Shots earlier in the storm of heavy rain and small hail with a car taking shelter under a tree.

Scene 6-7: Small hail hitting US-70 outside of Hazen.

Scene 8: POV driving shot in heavy rains passing numerous vehicles taking shelter under an overpass on I-40 near Hazen.

Scene 9-11: Various POV driving shots in heavy rain on I-40.

PART 2 in FARGO, ARKANSAS (1:52-3:59): Fargo is approximately 65 miles west of Memphis just north of I-40.

Scene 12: POV shot of intense blinding rain after dark while driver narrates visibility.

Scene 13: POV shot of extremely blinding blowing rain in winds over 60mph.

Scene 14-15: POV driving shots of heavy amounts of hail falling.

Scene 16-18: Shots of a large tree that came down, blocking the southbound lane of US-49.

Scene 19-23: Various shots of police arriving on scene of the down tree blocking a lane of the highway.