Rice Lake, WI Snow – 3/4/2016

Winter still trying to hold onto Northwestern WI this afternoon.
Clip 1. Snow falling with a flag blowing in the wind.
Clip 2. Snow falling with swans in the open water.
Clip 3. Snow falling with swans swimming towards the remaining ice sheet.
Clip 4. Snow falling with a swan walking on the ice sheet with open water on either side of it.
Clip 5. Snow falling. Pine tree and a house roof covered in snow.
Clip 6. Snow covered sign.
Clip 7. Closer look at the snow covered sign.
Clip 8. Snow covered road with snow falling.
Clip 9. Closer shot of the snow covered road.
Clip 10. Another snow covered road with people walking in the distance.
Clip 11. Snow covered grill.
Clip 12. Snow covered pine braches.
Clip 13. Snow sticking to a truck.
Clip 14. Snow on a log and blocks.