Waite Park, MN high winds short out powerlines – 2/29/2016

High winds are moving through central Minnesota this morning with gusts up to 36 miles per hour.  Just before sunrise, the high winds and debris caused a power line to sort out along county road 75 or Division.  The road was shut down for about an hour until Xcel Energy could shut the power off and dispatch crews to repair the line.  

Clip 1 Fire crews arrive on the scene and almost get in a wreck as a car cuts off the fire truck. Pans up to the power line shorting out.

Clip 2 – 4 Tight and medium shots of the power line shorting out. Some of the arcs are several feet long and curve out away from the power line.

Clip 5 Tight shot of the Waite Park Fire truck.

Clip 6 Wide shot of huge power flashes as the line shorts out.

Clip 7 Fire crews shut down county road 75 for about an hour. Truck blocking the roadway.

Clip 8 Another shot of the lines arcing.

Clip 9 Road sign bouncing in the wind.

Clip 10 As daylight starts, you can see the clouds move behind the power line shorting out and throwing huge arcs of electricity.

Clip 11 Fire crews watching the scene

Clip 12 Wide shot outside the restaurant with the power lines shorting out and the power flickering and the signs coming on for a instant and turning back off.

Clip 13 Fire crew on the scene walking and talking on the phone.

Clip 14 Fire crews blocking highway 75

Clip 15 After sunrise, flag blowing in the high wind.

Clip 16 – 17 Time and temp sign showing it was only 16F out with winds gusting over 35 mph to create a sub zero wind chills .

Clip 18 American flag blowing in the high wind.