I-64 Clustered With Snowy Accidents – 2/24/2016

On the cold side of the same system that spawned deadly tornadoes across the deep south, heavy snows and winds create a major winter storm for parts of Illinois.  After over an inch of rain fell overnight, the changeover to snow occurred just before sunset with huge snowflakes and winds gusting over 40mph.  Snowfall totals ranged upwards of half a foot by 11am CT with snow continuing into the afternoon.

A tow-ban was issued after numerous wrecks on I-64 and I-57 near Mt. Vernon.  The ban was issued for the seven counties in Illinois State Police District 13, covering most of the southern most counties of Illinois.  The storm also was responsible for knocking out power to over 1,000 people in Jefferson County.

Video package shot on I-64 near Woodlawn, or approximately 7 miles west of Mt. Vernon in Jefferson County.  This would roughly be about an hour east of St. Louis.

Scene 1: Emergency vehicles using the u-turn lane at the Jefferson/Washington County border.

Scene 2: POV driving shot following emergency vehicles.

Scene 3: Wide shot of I-64 near Woodlawn of two separate accidents, one in the center median, one on the westbound shoulder.

Scene 4-6: Shots of white car with destroyed back bumper being pulled from the ditch.

Scene 7: Shot of police, tow truck, and damaged car.

Scene 8: Tight shot of damaged car.

Scene 9: Wide shot of dual accident scene from a different angle.

Scene 10: Shot of blue car in center median with cop next to it.

Scene 11-12: Shot of another accident scene involving a car way off on the westbound shoulder and a semi truck that was just recent un-jack-knifed.

Scene 13: Shot of accident scene through windshield.

Scene 14: Shot of car way off on the westbound shoulder.

Scene 15-16: Another accident with a brown vehicle in the center median with cops on scene.

Scene 17-18: Tighter shot of brown car from front and back.

Scene 19: Man running up to a van in the center median.

Scene 20: Shot of van in center median.

Scene 21: Shot of tow truck in heavy snows.

Scene 22-25: Shots of snow against trees swaying in the high winds.

Scene 26-27: Shot of two vehicles at the I-64 exit at Woodlawn.

Scene 28: Semi truck at an on-ramp.

Scene 29: Traffic driving away from the camera on I-64