Twin Cities Late Evening Travel Troubles – 2/7/2016

Video Footage of the leading edge of the strong clipper system making its initial impact on the Twin Cities Metro Area shortly after 7:00PM this evening and causing dangerous travel and Ice covered roads.

Video Footage Includes:

1-3. POV wide and tight of vehicle spun out into the ditch of interstate I-35 in Minneapolis.

4. Good Samaritan arrives in pickup truck and hooks up tow rope and readies to pull stuck car out of the snow.

5-7. Truck tows car out of deep ditch with fast spinning tires!

8. MNDOT snow plows plowing and sanding the roadways.

9. Cars driving in blinding snow with hazard flashers.

10. Heavy blowing snow with lighted flags whipping in the wild winds in St.Paul.

11. Driving POV on I-35 in the Twin Cities Metro Area.