Huge wave’s and massive storm surge slam Scituate, MA – 2/8/20

Damaging storm surge flooding Scituate MA with massive waves hitting seawall and damaging homes.

All footage shot during morning daylight on February 8, 2016 in Scituate, MA.


Shot List:

1-6. Various shots of massive waves slamming sea wall and homes causing damage in Scituate, MA

7. pushed-in shot of vehicles driving through Scituate with storm surge coming into neighborhood

8-11. varioush shots of storm surge flooding homes, cars, and streets in Scituate MA

12 & 13. shots waves hitting house in Scituate, MA

14. shot of flooding neighborhood in Scituate, MA

15. pushed-in shot of damaged home from storm surge

16-20. various shots of damage and debris from homes on road from storm surge in Scituate, MA

21-27. various shots of storm surge flooding homes, vehicles, and neighborhoods in Scituate, MA

28. shot of waves hitting home in Scituate MA

29. shot of flooded neighborhood in Scituate MA

30-33. various shots of large waves hitting homes in Scituate, MA

34. POV driving shot of police assisting vehicle that hit a wall after sliding off snow-covered road in Scituate, MA

35. pushed-in shot of powerlines shaking from high winds in Scituate, MA

36-40. various shots of blizzard conditions in Scituate MA

41. POV driving shot of electronic highway sign warning of Winter Storm

42-44. various shots of massive waves hitting sea wall and homes in Scituate MA