Western, IA Extreme Blizzard Conditions – 2/2/2016

Heavy snowfall and high winds caused frequent white out conditions in many places in the upper Midwest Tuesday.

Shot 1-2: Blowing snow over roadway east of Denison, Iowa
Shot 3: Driving in hazardous driving conditions passing semi
Shot 4: American Flag and Iowa Flag blowing in very high winds
Shot 5: Large Snow drift over roadway
Shot 6: Iowa DOT Snow Plow
Shot 7-8: Blowing snow over roadway north of Denison, Iowa
Shot 9-10: Semi\'s parked at truck stop due to bad driving conditions
Shot 11-12: Snowplows from the city of Denison removing snow.
Shot 13: Guy snow blows sidewalk
Shot 14-15: People filling up their vehicles at gas station
Shot 16-17: Guy Snow blowing out convenience store sidewalk