Saint Paul Winter Carnival, Warm Ice Carving In Rice Park

It was a very warm start for the Saint Paul Winter Carnival as the Ice Carving competition started this evening in Rice Park.

While the temps near 40 during the overnight were great for people coming out to watch the competitors setting up and carving the giant ice blocks, the temps were not good for the ice.

Several of the ice carvings that were already completed around the park had already began to melt.

Clip 1 Melted Winter Carnival Ice Carving

Clip 2 Sign saying coolet celebration on earth

Clip 3 Two men walking past the camera with no coats on

Clip 4 One of the winter carnival trucks

Clip 5 Winter Carnival Royalty walking into the Saint Paul Hotel across the street from Rice Park.

Clip 6 – 7 People checking out the ice carving in Rice Park.

Clip 8 Someone working on blocks of ice.

Clip 9 Ice Sculpture

Clip 10 People walking

Clip 11 Ice sculpture melting

Clip 12 People checking out the sculptures and taking photos.

Clip 13 People walking a dog in the park

Clip 14 Close up of ice sculpture melting

Clip 15 Water dripping off an ice sculpture

Clip 16 A ice sculpture of a camel

Clip 17 – 29 Crews working on their ice sculptures.  Cutting and moving the huge blocks of ice