Henry County, TN Heavy Daylight Snow B-Roll – 1/22/2016

The massive winter storm continued to unleash its fury across the region leaving up to half a foot of snow across portions of northern Tennessee. Henry County maxed out around 5 inches near the town of Paris where this video package is shot. Henry County is west of Nashville by about an hour.

Scene 1-3: Establishing shots at the Tennessee state sign with very heavy snow falling.

Scene 4-5: Truck spun out into the median of US-641 near Paris.

Scene 6: Man in shorts (yes, shorts) walking through the snow.

Scene 7: Shot of slow moving car driving down US-641 in near white out conditions with a speed limit sign.

Scene 8: Tighter shot of car driving into white out.

Scene 9-12: POV driving shots showing limited visibility and road conditions across Henry County.

Scene 13-17: Various shots of snow plows in the heavy snow in Henry County.

Scene 18-19: Traffic shots along US-641 in Henry County.

Scene 20: Driving panned shot of heavy snow against trees.

Scene 21: Shot looking down US-641 near Paris in the heavy, near white out snow.