Twin Cities Evening Arctic Blast – 1/18/2016

Video Package of the continued Arctic air mass assault on the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest region, featuring a day that struggled to make it a degree above zero for just a half hour before quickly slipping back into negative temperature readings!

Video Includes:

1. Minneapolis Digital Thermometer reading -2 degrees just after 5:00pm today which is near peak heating of the day for this time of year!

2. Twin Cities AAA Emergency road crew tends to a vehicle with a dead Battery on the Interstate in -2 degree air during the evening rush.

3. Close-up POV of AAA Dead Battery and Emergency Roadside Response Vehicle.

4. US Flag blowing in the 10MPH wind creating a Dangerous flesh freezing -17 wind chill!

5. Twin Cities Commuters traveling in a frigid scene with vehicles with cold fog and smoke.

6. Locals turning the severe cold into fun making several different Massive snow sculptures in their front yards!

7-8. Minneapolis Minnesota Downtown Skyline with steam and cold smoke as the sunset creates a cold stunning sunset!