Sarasota, FL Tornado Aftermath – 1/17/2016

Unique aftermath package from the tornado that hit Sarasota Florida overnight. Include the destroyed house on Baywinds Ln along with other unique shots of extensive damage in area.

Shot List:
1,2) Boat in yard smashed into air conditioning unit of home.
3) Baywinds Ln sign.
8-15) Eight shots of destroyed home at end of Baywinds Ln. This is the first mainland home hit by the tornado after it crossed the intracoastal waterway from Siesta Key.
16,17) Adjacent house with tile roof stripped off.
18,19) House with garage door blown in.
20) Shelburne Ln sign.
21,22) House with barrel tile roof destroyed.
23) Man checks out his destroyed car.
24) Destroyed basketball hoop.
25) Pan shot of two destroyed cars and trees.
26) Puncture in side of car from wind driven debris.
27) Broken windows on house.
28,29,30) Three shots of destroyed pool cage and patio area.
31) 2nd story balcony of home blown out.
32) Destroyed patio furniture.
33) Neighbors lawn mower upside down 100 ft from where it was stored.
34,35) Destroyed interior after garage door blew in and drywall in ceiling blew out from pressure.
36) Sunken boat hanging from davit lines.
37) Palm tree fallen in canal.
38) Sheet metal in tree.
39) Damaged pool cage.
40) Pink pool noodle hanging in tree.
41) Mailbox in tree debris.
42) Severed power pole.
43) Guy with chain saw starting clean up.