Rice Lake, WI Winter Wonderland – 1/8/2016

Over night snowfall produced a very beautiful winter wonderland across the Rice Lake,WI. area this morning.
Clip 1. Trees and bushes covered in snow.
Clip 2. Zoomed in view of clip 1.
Clip 3. Tree branch with snow on it.
Clip 4. Fence, tress, and a house roof covered in snow.
Clip 5. Zoomed in view of clip 4.
Clip 6. Wet snow causes a pine branch to touch the ground.
Clip 7. Snow covered power lines.
Clip 8-9 Snow falling from power lines.
Clip 10. Icicles.
Clip 11. Closer view of the icicles.
Clip 12. Trees and road covered in snow.
Clip 13. Zoomed in of clip 12.
Clip 14. A truck covered in snow.
Clip 15. Snow covered woods.
Clip 16. Snow covered trail.
Clip 17. Zoomed in on snow covered trail.
Clip 18 Snow covered trees looking towards the sky.
Clip 19. Zoomed view of snow covered trees looking towards the sky.
Clip 20.Snow covered trees along a river that has open water again.
Clip 21. Heavy wet snow causes a large pine branch to bend onto a house roof.
Clip 22. Snow sticking to the backside of a stop sign.