Alexander County, IL Record Flooding Crest – 1/2/2016

The Mississippi River at Thebes crested early Saturday morning at a record-setting 47.74 feet, nearly 2-feet over the previous record flood stage. A levee break downstream released some of the water, thus preventing the crest from reaching the earlier forecasted levels. Still, the damage had been done across portions of Alexander County, IL where water inundated homes and communities.

Video package shot in Alexander County, Illinois south of Cape Girardeau, two parter from two communities along IL Highway 3.

PART 1 (0:00-2:48) Olive Branch, IL

Scene 1: Shot of road closed barricades along Old Highway 3.

Scene 2: Shot of a bridge overtaken by flood waters.

Scene 3: Shot of bridge from the side showing flood waters.

Scene 4: Shot of residents in a boat floating up to their home.

Scene 5: Tight shot of man getting out of boat onto his porch.

Scene 6: Shot of woman climbing out of boat onto the porch.

Scene 7-14: Various shots of residential structures in flood waters around Olive Branch.

Scene 15: Shot of vehicles in flood waters.

Scene 16: Shot of black pickup truck in flood waters.

Scene 17: Shot of white pickup truck in flood waters.

Scene 18: Wide shot of farms in flood waters.

Scene 19: Wide shot of a large area of flooding near Olive Branch.

PART 2 (2:49-4:07) Thebes, IL

Scene 20: Establishing shot of Thebes business signs with flooding in the background.

Scene 21: Shot of man standing on steps surrounded by flood waters with a bridge in the background.

Scene 22: Home in the background with rushing flood waters in foreground.

Scene 23: Tight shot of waters flowing passed wires.

Scene 24-25: Shots looking down the main street in Thebes.

Scene 26: Flood waters around the Great River Road sign at a park in Thebes.

Scene 27: Back of a stop sign in flood waters.

Scene 28: Wider shot of stop sign with bridge in the background.