Southern IL Flash Flood Warnings – 12/28/2015

Significant flooding is expected this week across southern Illinois as rivers in the region rise to record levels by week's end. Meanwhile, heavy rains over the weekend culminated with another 1-2" Monday morning leading to flash flood warnings being posted for most of southern Illinois. Many communities experienced some degree of flooding early Monday from the rains, but longer lasting issues look to hang on as the runoff continues to fill creeks and streams. Strong storms were part of the problem as the last bands moved through, leading to some damage in the area.

Video segment comes in two parts, one in West Frankfort and two in Herrin, both in southern IL about 2 hours southeast of St. Louis.

PART 1 West Frankfort, IL (0:00-2:40)

Several issues in town with the morning storms… heavy rains came so quickly that the sewer system couldn\'t handle the drainage. One was backing up and lead to the flooding of a neighborhood road as water poured from the sewer. Also, strong storms snapped a power line in town, leading to another road closure as crews repaired and cleaned up the scene.

Scene 1: Crews on scene as the sewer overflows onto the road.

Scene 2: Tighter shot of crews putting a cone over the sewer.

Scene 3-5: Shots of sewer with water gushing out beneath the cone.

Scene 6: City crew closing one of the streets due to sewer backup flooding.

Scene 7: City truck driving through the flood waters by the sewer.

Scene 8: Bulldozer driving through flooded street.

Scene 9: City intersection flooded with cars driving through.

Scene 10: Pickup truck driving through flooded intersection in town.

Scene 11: Long panning shot of car driving through street flooded sewer backup water.

Scene 12-13: Shots of flooded street in West Frankfort.

Scene 14: Shot of crews on-scene in West Frankfort of a powerpole being snapped in the morning storms.

Scene 15: Tight shot of the damaged power pole and destroyed mailbox.

Scene 16: Tight shot of the damaged power pole.

Scene 17: Shot of crew truck fixing powerlines.

Scene 18: Shot of snapped pole on the ground.

PART 2 Herrin, IL (2:40-4:18)

Scene 19: Shot IL Highway 148, the main north/south street in Herrin, with water warning sign and cars driving through the standing water.

Scene 20-21: Cars driving through flood waters on IL-148.

Scene 22-23: Shots of highway signs in flood waters near Herrin.

Scene 24-25: Shots of a house outside Herrin surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 26: Backyard with swingset flooded.

Scene 27: Flood waters creeping up to bridge level on one of the roads leading into Herrin.

Scene 28: Vehicle turning around and not drowning.