Dyersburg, TN Tornado Sirens Storm – 12/23/2015

A very late season severe weather outbreak unfolded across the south with a couple hundred severe weather reports across multiple states, including Tennessee where a tornado-warned storm moved across the northwest part of the state, sounding sirens and sending people covering beneath highway overpasses. Fortunately those people did not face a tornado, unlike several in Mississippi who were impacted by a tornado that killed a vehicle occupant.

Footage shot in and around Dyersburg, Tennessee which is in the northwest part of the state.

Scenes 2-5, 7, 8 all have NAT sound of tornado sirens in the town of Dyersburg as the storm approached the city.

Scene 1: Shot from overpass of I-155 on the west side of Dyersburg looking at the approaching storm.

Scene 2-3: Storm clouds over Dyersburg with tornado sirens blaring in the background.

Scene 4-6: Shots of vehicles hiding beneath an overpass in Dyersburg, the first two scenes include the NAT tornado siren.

Scene 7: Shot of a tornado siren in Dyersburg as it is going off as the tornado-warned storm moves in.

Scene 8-9: Shots of traffic as the leading edge of rain and wind move in, the first of the two scenes with NAT tornado siren.

Scene 10: POV driving shot of traffic in the rain.

Scene 11: Small trees being blown about in the winds.

Scene 12-14: POV Driving shots from US-412 just south of Dyersburg of high winds blowing sheets of rain across the highway.

Scene 15-16: Shots of water coming up through a sewer and pouring into the street.

Scene 17: Car passing through water from the sewer.

Scene 18-19: Shots of a rainbow over Dyersburg after the storm pushed through.