Fargo, ND Winter Storm – 12/16/2015 Early Morning

The winter storm started after midnight in the Fargo, ND / Moorhead, MN area with some areas getting several inches of snow as the storm is forecast to continue through the day.

Clip 1 Downtown Fargo with the Fargo theater sign and traffic

Clip 2 Snow plow driving down the street

Clip 3 POV Shot following snow plows in Interstate 29 in Fargo.

Clip 4 POV shot following snow plow on Interstate 29.

Clip 5-6 Driving up to a car in the ditch on Interstate 94 in Moorhead, MN

Clip 7 Semi Truck in the ditch on Interstate 94 outside of Moorhead, MN

Clip 8 POV shot following a snow covered SUV on Interstate 29

Clip 9 Snow Plow driving by the camera.

Clip 10 POV following snow plow tight on the blade on I94 in Fargo

Clip 11 Following snow plows in poor visibility on I94

Clip 12-15 Snow Cleanup at the Fargo Airport.

Clip 16-17 Snow clean up in Downtown Fargo, ND

Clip 18 POV shot driving on snow packed roads outside of the Fargo Airport