Rice Lake, WI Snow falling – 12/14/2015

After a morning of heavy rain a burst of heavy snow hit the Rice Lake, Barron County WI. area this afternoon.

Clip 1. Snow covered roof and tress with snow falling at a good clip.
Clip 2. Snow falling with left over fall colors.
Clip 3. Closer shot of snow falling with the left over fall colors.
Clip 4. Snow covered ground.
Clip 5. Snow falling as the camera is looking up towards the sky.
Clip 6. Snow on a grill.
Clip 7. Snow falling with a ditch full of water after this morning\'s heavy rain.
Clip 8. Snow falling and sticking to the grass and road.
Clip 9. Snow sticking to the ground, post and sign, as it\'s falling.
Clip 10. Snow covered parking lot.
Clip 11. Snow covered road sign.
Clip 12 through 14. Snow plow plowing snow and putting salt on the road.